Happy Forever Home For Drift

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December 4, 2016 by The Dog Rules

The day after Drift made his television debut the Shelter contacted me to tell me about a couple who were interested in adopting Drift. Would I please contact them and arrange a meeting? Of course I would!!

The meeting took place in a public park where I knew there would be lots of people so that the prospective adopters would have the opportunity to see for themselves how Drift behaved around adults and children. There was a quieter area where we could walk Drift and have the conversation I knew would be coming about caring for a dog with EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency). I had emailed them the links I had for managing EPI so that they could prepare their questions.

I knew that they were excited to meet Drift when I arrived 15 minutes early for our appointment and found a couple waiting in a van in the parking lot. They recognized Drift immediately from his TV appearance and he was very happy to meet new people.

I spent nearly two hours in the park with these wonderful people. It was very clear that they liked Drift and were prepared to take on a boy with a bit of a health challenge. As anticipated, they had many questions. I’m grateful that I had done my own study regarding EPI and could confidently respond.

Drift and I went for what would be our final walk together while these wonderful folk made their decision regarding the adoption. When we returned they said “We would like to adopt him.” We headed to the Shelter so they could finalize the adoption process.

This photo was taken by Shelter staff. Drift’s new Daddy is holding the leash. That’s me in the middle trying to get Drift to pose nicely. And Drift’s new Mom, who likes to brush him every morning. (I’ve had several lovely updates!)

Drift's Adoption Day

Drift’s Adoption Day
18 July 2016


I helped Drift into the back of their van. Moments later he was looking around happily waiting for a car ride. When I leaned in to the back seat to load his food and gear, Drift put his head over the back of the seat to sniff my hair. There were tears in my eyes when I said “Kiss me goodbye. Be a good boy.”



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