Philosophical Friday


September 2, 2016 by The Dog Rules

The weather here has changed. Outside my window the rain patters on the leaves of trees that are oh so thirsty.  The sky appears to close in on the forest, making it a small world day. Sounds are hushed, finding me in a reflective frame of mind.

This video offers a paradigm shift in the way we show up in life. I hope you’ll like it and find it thought provoking.

Let me know your thoughts.


4 thoughts on “Philosophical Friday

  1. tippysmom2 says:

    I think some of the things the video implies we maybe shouldn’t be forced to do are indeed necessary for a functioning society. However, in the midst of those things, we do need to live the moment. Live life now. Don’t just wait until the end of the journey to do the things you want to do.


    • I see your point about making it more simple for society at large. As children, we aren’t necessarily forced to do these things; however, they are presented as the “normal” progression of things. This happens when we are too young to understand that there might be alternatives. Sadly our parents were also only shown this same progression of life events. I wonder what it will take to get us to rethink these things and free ourselves and the upcoming generations. We certainly need to prioritize the things we want to do – now!

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      • tippysmom2 says:

        I agree. We do need to do a better job at prioritizing the things we want to do and do them while we can still enjoy them. I have known too many people who had big plans to do things as a couple after they retired and one, or both, or them wound up either dying or being too sick to do them when the time came. Very sad.


  2. Remember Me says:

    Dance yoursef dizzy as we do most days in the kitchen!

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