On TV!


July 15, 2016 by The Dog Rules

It’s always fun to take a dog someplace new to both of us. I’d never been to a TV studio before and here I was taking my foster boy to make his TV debut on Global!

Picture the stage mom fussing over the cute and precocious child that they want the producer to like. There was this subtle pressure (self imposed?) to have him show well and behave himself when he was out there for all the world to see.

Wanting him to make a great first impression, I made sure to take him for a long walk before we headed to the studio. A tired dog is a happy dog and he wouldn’t be as likely to behave badly if the edge was off from the walk. Suddenly a simple brushing became a game with him grabbing the brush and my hand as I tried to tidy him up. I decided to not feed him before his debut as he sometimes burps loudly and his occasional farts can clear a room faster than someone yelling Fire!

At the studio we had to wait in a particular lounge until they were ready for Drift’s appearance. Pam, who worked on the show entertained us with stories of some of the other animals that had waited in the same space. The goat that urinated on the carpet and a cat that managed projectile vomit on camera made me wonder if I had emptied him enough to not embarrass us. Drift completely ignored me and strained toward the door where other employees of the studio were walking back and forth on their personal errands. Many people came to pet him and fuss over him. He would have liked it more if the leash were longer and he could have gotten farther away from me to follow his new admirers.

An SPCA Shelter Manager was to take him on camera at the end of the news report for the short segment called “Adopt a Pet”. We met up in the lounge so that I could provide him some background information about a dog he has only just met. Drift was very interested in this man and eventually became over-excited and displayed all his mouthy, jump-up behaviors that we didn’t want on TV.

It was time! We arrived backstage as the news people were wrapping up their segment. I handed Drift’s leash over and went to stand where I have been asked. They wanted him to be able to see me so that he would be quiet and not punctuate the last minutes of the news with unexpected outbursts.

As they cut to the break the fellow who was in charge of timing observed that Drift wasn’t going to face the camera if I remained in my spot. I was directed to a new position…

When you watch this segment, can you see where I was standing?

(BTW the Shelter’s name for Drift is Louie.)



9 thoughts on “On TV!

  1. quiall says:

    Beautiful boy! Love the broadcaster’s socks!


    • Thank you. I’m hoping the segment will generate some interest by potential adopters!

      The broadcaster’s socks continued to be a conversation piece after the camera shut off. 🙂


  2. theturtle says:

    Drift did very well on TV. And he is beautiful 🙂
    Turtle Hugs


  3. […] day after Drift made his television debut the Shelter contacted me to tell me about a couple who were interested in adopting Drift. Would I […]


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